Sacred Music for Astrological Remedies

The use of sacred music and chanting for Astrological remedies falls into two main categories:

• Remedies to balance/remove effect of planets
• Remedies to achieve desired results

As per Vedic astrology, based on the position of planets at the time of birth, each human being is born with a unique astrological signature captured in horoscope. It is believed that position of each planet and including Sun and Moon affects us during our lifetime and it can be beneficial or adversary. Certain mantra and stotras are devised by ancient Rishis to balance and/or remove these effects. The important concept to understand from astrology is that it can be used to forewarn on certain events and should be used as a guiding tool rather than a final verdict. We have been given free will at the same time certain events are destined and these tools just better prepare us for managing difficult times and to improve our responses.

The most famous of planet remedy is for Saturn (Shani) which affects certain individuals in a very challenging way during depending its position in horoscope. The album for this can be found here:

Other astrological remedy widely used is for Mangal (Mars) which plays a major role as per Vedic astrology in marital relationship. The album for this can be found here:

There is even a remedy for all the nine planets (Navgraha). The album for this can be found here:

Some individuals are affected by the Sun (Surya). The album for this can be found here:

Additionally, there are certain mantra and stotras used to achieve desired results like attainment of wealth and attainment of knowledge etc.

The science behind these remedies are that by reciting these mantra/stotras results in physical and mental changes in the person through vibration/sound of the mantra and activates/balances brain pattern required to achieve desired results.

At the cosmic level also, it is said to generate a kind of butterfly effect (from chaos theory) that eventually results in the physical realty of the desired outcome. Most recent research in quantum physics supports this theory which proves that intention (Sankalpa done before any mantra/stotra) affects physical reality.

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