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Osho is undoubtedly one of the most influential Indian gurus who popularized English devotional songs in the United States and other countries. He has suggested over a hundred meditation techniques one of the most popular being dynamic meditation, which is performed to the accompaniment of music. This is perhaps where Shiva devotional songs can come in handy.

And speaking of Shiva, he is regarded as the supreme god with five significant aspects; namely creator, destroyer, preserver, revealer and concealer. This is in keeping with the Shaiva tradition in Hinduism although the Smarta tradition has a different belief – Shiva is a primary form of God (1 in 5, to be exact). Hindus who devote themselves to the worship of Shiva are known as Shaivas.

Shaivas worship Shiva and seek to attain his grace in three different ways, namely:

1. Mananam refers to the contemplation and meditation of the grandeur of Shiva as well as to saying the Siva mantras.

2. Sravanam pertains to the gathering of devotees where concepts on and books about Shiva are discussed.

3. Kirtanam refers to the singings of many a Shiva devotional song. The songs sing the glory of Shiva, which can be sung either alone or with other Shaivas.

Although all the above mentioned three ways of worshiping Shiva have their merits, devotional singings is arguably the most important activity. This is because it keeps the mind and souls become at one with Shiva while also expressing one’s complete adoration for his awesome splendour. You can, of course, sing English devotional songs in praise of Shiva for as long as you are comfortable singing the lyrics.

Of course, any Shivam devotional song describes Shiva’s beauty in glowing terms, extol his virtues including benevolence, and celebrate his cosmic victories. You must have complete faith, devotion and adoration when singing such a song because Shiva deserves – nay, demands – it from his followers.

Always keep in mind that Shiva is the Shambhu, he who bestows happiness, so your attitude when singing his devotional songs must also be joyful.

If you are at a loss for any Shiva devotional song, you may want to just utter the name of the Lord Shiva until an appropriate song comes to mind. It is believed that doing so assures divine grace and, hopefully, salvation as benevolently granted by Lord Shiva himself.

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